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Patients who need Urgent Dental Care can reserve Same Day Dental Appointments. By providing Same Day Care, it is our mission to relieve you of your pain, save your teeth, and prevent another sleepless night or lost day at work. For dental emergencies, Milpitas Emergency Dentist Dr. Alan Cheung is here to help!

One of the most common decisions a patient suffering from tooth pain has to make is whether to save or extract the tooth. Today, many opt to have the tooth extracted and get an dental implant.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is rarely a disaster. Milpitas Dentist Dr. Alan Cheung can save your broken tooth. Before you see Dr. Alan Cheung, rinse your mouth with warm water and reduce any swelling by using cold compresses. Dr. Alan Cheung may fix the tooth using a white filling. If a filling is not likely to help, He may recommend a root canal anda crown.

Bitten Tongue or Lip

Injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the lips, tongue or cheek can occur often. These injuries may be in the form of tears, puncture wounds or lacerations. First, clean the cut area, and reduce the swelling using a cold compress. If the cold compress doesn’t stop the bleeding or the swelling, visit the emergency room of the nearest hospital immediately to get the wound sutured.

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can manifest itself in the form of a toothache. The crack may be invisible to the eye, and may be invisible even in an X-ray. Dr. Cheung use methods like bonding or root canal treatment depending on the size of the crack and the location. In extreme cases, Dr. Cheung may extract your tooth.


A sudden toothache can throw your life out of gear. First, call Milpitas Dentist Dr. Cheung to make appointment. Use dental floss to remove any food or other forms of debris, caught between the teeth. Don’t use any pain killers directly on the gums, because they can burn the gums. In the meantime, take an over-the-counter painkiller to ease the pain.
Ibuprofen works great at decreasing the pain and helps to reduce swelling. An ice pack pressed against your face right at the source of the toothache will provide some relief. Do not use hot compresses on the affected area, but do rinse your mouth using warm water.

Knocked Out Tooth

In case of a knocked out tooth, the most important thing is not to panic. First of all, locate the tooth and immediately call Milpitas Dentist Dr. Cheung. While waiting to see Dr. Cheung, rinse the area but don’t scrub. Do not try to remove any of the tissue fragments that may be attached to the tooth. If you can, insert the tooth back into its socket. In this is not possible, or if you fear that you might swallow your tooth, place it in a glass of cold milk, or wrap in a clean cloth.

Fractured Teeth

There are several ways Dr. Cheung can repair fractured teeth. A minor fracture can be treated by Dr. Cheung using a sand paper disc. She might also restore the tooth using a composite restoration. Dr. Cheung may even choose to leave it alone if it’s a minute fracture. Whatever the treatment, the tooth should be treated with great care over the next several days, so be careful not to eat hard or sticky foods.

In case of a moderate fracture in which there is no permanent damage to your pulp, Dr. Cheung will make use of teeth restoration methods, including placing a permanent crown to bring your tooth to its pre-fractured condition. If there has been damage to your pulp, Dr. Cheung may make use of additional treatment options. Besides pulp damage, a moderate fracture can also involve damage to the dentin or enamel.

In case of a several fracture, chances of recovering the tooth may be slim. Even so, Dr. Cheung will make use of specialized dental procedures to restore severely damaged teeth. Consulting with Dr. Cheung for immediate treatment is therefore imperative.

Lost fillings

If you’ve lost your dental filling, simply place a piece of sugarless chewing gum that has been softened, in the hole which contained the filling. Consult Dr. Cheung as quickly as possible to replace the filling.